Governance of Social Media: A Quello Center Workshop

November 11 & 12, 2011, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

For a large and growing portion of the population, social media of various types have become an integral part of daily life, and businesses based on social media have become a major economic force. Given their pervasive influence on institutions and society, it is time to start developing a more comprehensive framework to guide policy responses to the challenges raised by social media, which to this point have been addressed piecemeal as they become salient.

This workshop is designed to stimulate thinking on what such a framework might look like, examining:

(1) Legal and policy issues raised by the new and unique attributes of social media, and
(2) The implications of social media for attainment of traditional communications policy goals

Panelists will address a variety of topics relating to policy for social media including (but not limited to):

  • Competition policy
  • Privacy concerns
  • Social media analytics and targeted advertising
  • Data mining
  • Gaming and virtual worlds
  • Reputation management
  • Surveillance
  • First Amendment and free speech
  • The protection of children
  • Access
  • Media content diversity

Panelists will include:

Michael Altschul - CTIA
Marvin Ammori - New America Foundation
Johannes Bauer - Michigan State University
Ryan Calo - Stanford University
Adam Candeub - MSU
Barbara Cherry - Indiana University
Lorrie Faith Cranor - Carnegie Mellon University
Laura DeNardis - American University
Nicolas Economides - NYU
Joshua Fairfield - Washington and Lee University
Edward Felton (Luncheon keynote address) - FTC
Rob Frieden - Penn State University
Jon Garon - Northern Kentucky University
James Grimmelmann - New York Law School
Matt Jackson - Penn State
Paul Jaeger - University of Maryland
Greg Lastowka - Rutgers University
Peder Magee - FTC
Kathryn Montgomery - American University
Phil Napoli - Fordham University
Arvind Narayanan - Stanford University
Christena Nippert-Eng - Illinois Institute of Technology
Frank Pasquale - Seton Hall University
Amit Schejter - Penn State University
Junichi Semitsu - University of San Diego
Ashkan Soltani
Robert Sprague - University of Wyoming
Peter Swire - Ohio State
Adam Thierer - George Mason University
Eugene Volokh - University of California, Los Angeles
Joshua Wright - George Mason University